Traditional Health Care Coverage

Traditional  Health Care Coverage

Traditional Insurance plans generally allow you to go to the provider,
(physician, hospital, etc.), of your choosing, but require that you pay
1for the services and file (or allow your physician or provider to file)
claims for reimbursement.  Managed Care Health Insurance Plans use
networks of selected doctors and other providers to provide health
services.  In return for using the network of providers, or “staying
within the network” you typically pay less for medical care than you
would with traditional health insurance.
Traditional health insurance and Managed Care plans
provide protection through many types of policies
and plans, and at many prices.  Some policies or plans
pay most of your healthcare bills or provide most
healthcare services for illness or injury.  Others will
cover only certain illnesses or injuries.  Some pay an
amount directly related to your health care costs.
Others pay a set amount for each day that you are in
the hospital, without regard to your actual bills.  Some
plans restrict care to certain providers and require
that a primary care provider (a PCP) manage all care

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